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Search your car in our Inventory and request a quote on the vehicle of your choosing sonu.

Want To Sale Your Car?

Do you want to sell your car?

Request search your car in our Inventory and a quote on the vehicle of your choosing.

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Yeebia is a top-notch cars online marketplace where you can buy or sell different auto on the Yeebia in nigeria. We have created this website to provide a commercial platform for the Nigerian car-market. Our goal is to provide a fast and reliable source for different vehicles which can be bought and delivered quickly.

The online car-marketplace

Browse our well-organized market place, where a variety of high-quality vehicles are sold at the best prices. At, we promise you only fair prices for all products because we are more interested in forming long term relationships with all our users.

Creating a account

Get an account with us today. There are so many benefits of owning your account, so we have made it mandatory to help everyone benefit from our marketplace. As buyers or sellers, you can create an account on the website; your new account will be activated in a few minutes and ready for use.

You will be required to provide some essential information to create an account. We require details such as your name, contact information, and an active email address to get started. Buyers can enter the payment details on a bank card from subsequent payments.

Buying cars on

It is easy to make a decision when browsing all the vehicles displayed in different categories on the website. We have implemented strict policies and guidelines to help our sellers upload only high-quality pictures. This means, you can view the product and study its features, what’s more, the text descriptions for all products are written in the English language to cover all the best features of all the cars we offer.

Selling on Yeebia Nigeria

We have made it easy for everyone to start selling and making a significant profit on To become a seller, you will be expected to register an account as a seller. We have created different car categories to cover all the fast selling vehicles in Nigeria. This means it is easy for you to select a niche if you are just starting your business experience. Get99 is secure and safe for all buyers and sellers. As sellers, you will have access to diversify your business interests or focus on a particular niche to sell more cars.

We have implemented a standard vetting process to check all sellers. This has been done to ensure all sellers who place Nigerian classifieds can meet the expectations of everyone who purchases their products.

Classified Ads

Take advantage of the classified Yeebia opportunity in Nigeria. In this section, we have enhanced the classified Yeebia ads with the best SEO tools to have more visibility in the Nigerian online sphere. We understand the need to get more exposure; this is what we have done. Your classified Yeebia ads will be seen by hundreds of people every day.

Wide coverage

All the major states in Nigeria have been covered on This means everyone can buy or sell different products without stress. E-commerce in Nigeria is thriving; everyone needs to get on board and start earning from this massive opportunity. Thankfully, we have put everything in place to ensure everyone has a fantastic get99 online shopping experience.

Online security

The developers of the online platform for Nigerian classified ads has implemented the best online security systems to protect all buyers and sellers on Yeebia. We are committed to establishing a thriving online community where every user’s data is safe from hackers. We have presented a detailed explanation of how the information our users provide when opening a account is used on our Terms and Conditions page.

Customer support on Yeebia.nigeria

All users of the platform can communicate with the customer support team in real time. We offer support 24/7; customers can get the following assistance from our support team;

  •       Information on products
  •       Guide to create an account
  •       Assistance with posting Nigerian classified Yeebia ads
  •       Guidance on navigating the website
  •       General usage information about

Become an active member of our marketplace Yeebia in Nigeria; join hundreds of other entrepreneurs who are making daily profits from selling different goods at the best prices.